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The Perfect Exfoliation Combo

Luffa seeds peeking. Beautiful luffa flowers and vines. Luffa and soap. Exfoliation goodness. Some say luffa, some say loofa, and some even say loopha. Whatever you call it, did you know it’s a plant.? That’s right, this amazing exfoliating powerhouse is a plant. Being a member of the gourd family means it is a sun […]

Everything you Should Know about Repairing a Damaged Skin Barrier

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If you’ve ever spent too much time in the sun without sunscreen or suffered from sensitive skin due to allergies or another cause, you’ve likely dealt with a damaged skin barrier at some point in your life. A damaged skin barrier might contribute to dry skin and other moisture-related conditions like eczema and psoriasis. A […]

4 Tell-Tale Signs You Have Sensitive Skin

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The term “sensitive skin” gets thrown around quite a lot. Most people assume – and wrongly so – that their skin is sensitive because it is easily irritated. In reality, however, a majority of those who claim to have sensitive skin actually don’t. You could experience skin irritation at some point or the other due […]

Summer Time Skincare Tips

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Summer is here and your skin knows it… Summer weather can be rough on the skin.  The elements of heat, humidity, sweat, and grime can really take it’s toll on your face.  This is all especially true for those of you with oily and acne prone skin. So what’s a human to do??? We have […]

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