Talc-Free Body Dust | Powder

Talc-Free Body Dust | Powder


Talc-free and scented to create a silky smooth solution to fight against hot sticky days and chaffing skin.

Each container comes with a lovely handmade powder puff for easy application.

2 oz mini
5 oz refill

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Contains: maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) powder: a botanical powder with the same consistency as talc without the potentially harmful side-effects. Infused with proprietary essential or natural aroma compound blend.

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28 reviews for Talc-Free Body Dust | Powder

  1. Jade

    This is the ONLY powder we will use for our daughter who is now 6 months old. When she was born we tried a popular powder from the store which caused a diaper rash after the rash was cleared we tried this powder and have not had a rash since! It smells amazing and she is always dry. My family swears by this stuff! Great for babies!

  2. Barb

    My favorite powder ever! I love the clean scent of the “ cucumber and aloe”. I haven’t tried the other scents yet, but I’m sure they smell wonderful too. I use this all year, but I especially appreciate it in our hot, humid Summers. It absorbs sweat, keeps me cool and smells great! It’s also talc-free.

  3. Melissa

    Love this all natural powder, scent seems to last longer than other powders I have tried.

  4. Sandra Auers

    I have been purchasing this powder and its AMAZING!!!!! My favorite scent is Gardenia. The scent lasts long!

  5. Sarah Vacante

    I use this instead of deodorant! It’s amazing! Keeps me fresh and dry!

  6. Ruthie Sellers

    One of my favorite! I use natural deodorant and pat this powder (Lavender and Patchouli) over it. Works like a charm!

  7. Taylor

    This stuff will literally change your LIFE!
    I couldn’t live without my body powder and powder puff(which comes free when you buy a body powder)!
    I purchased the “baby fresh” scent and as a vegan hairstylist I can go all day without BO!

  8. Taylor

    This stuff will literally change your LIFE!
    I couldn’t live without my body powder and complimentary powder puff!
    I purchased the “baby fresh” scent and as a vegan hairstylist I can go all day without BO!

  9. Taylor

    This stuff will literally change your LIFE!
    I couldn’t live without my body powder and complimentary puff!
    I purchased the “baby fresh” scent and as a vegan hairstylist I can go all day without BO!

  10. Neva Hutton

    I’ve been using this powder for years. It is the only powder I will use. Smells fantastic and works! The cute hand made powder puffs are a great bonus.

  11. Patti Chavez

    Total game changer! I have been using this for several years and it is wonderful! We have lived in humid environments and a few puffs of this and you stay dry an fresh all day. My favorites are cucumber & aloe and fairy fresh. Everyone in my family has their own favorite scent too and we all love this product! We stockpiled before we moved overseas and still have some because it lasts for so long!

  12. Denise Spies

    I Cannot live without this Powder!!! It is part of my routine!!!! Best body powder EVER!!

  13. Emily Daniel

    Love the powder the fairy fresh is my favorite scent and my hubby loves the sandalwood. I requested a powder to be custom made and the owner was super friendly and happy to oblige.

  14. Dorice Ramsey

    Great natural body product without all the harsh chemicals. Variety of scents to choose from. Found a keeper.

  15. Christine O.

    I love this powder and the puff. I own the lavender-rosemary and love using it, especially in the summer. I’ve also given some away for gifts and it is always popular with new parents and adults, alike.

  16. Kathleen A

    I use it everywhere, and every day. It keeps me comfortable and dry and smells so wonderful.

  17. Alene Whitesides

    This smells so good! No worries about ingredients that may be harmful. Been using these body powders for years. Great way to use in those hot spots we all have and stay fresh even on the hottest days!

  18. Marjorie Scheers (verified owner)

    I love this powder!! I got the Sandalwood and Vanilla. It feels silky smooth and smells divine!!! My ONLY request would be to put a shaker lid on top of the container since the puff doesn’t fit inside. Then you could just place the puff on top of the shaker and turn it upside down and get a small amount of powder on the puff and not spill any out of the container. Please consider 🙂 Thank you!

    • admin

      Hi Marjorie,
      Thanks for your idea, I will take it under consideration. I keep a small amount in a candy bowl, with a lid, and place my puff on top.
      We package our samples, for smelling, in small spice containers so a little will sprinkle out but I have not found a sifter type lid that attaches to our powder container to avoid spill. I will keep my eye out for such a solution though.

  19. Judy B. Neale (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the powder (Baby & Fairy Fresh) and my lotion. Can’ wait to get my Sandlewood powder. You guys are awesome. Wish you were closer to Virginia tho. Keep making these wonderful products. The powders are for me but I’m going to start buying for the holidays soon. If i could give more that five stars I would. Can’t wait to try more products.

  20. Cindy R. (verified owner)

    I purchased 3 scents, Beautiful Baby, Fairy Fresh, and Sandalwood & Vanilla. I am so pleased with all three & the fact that these are talc free. Bonus: they work! Keep me dry & fresh, the scent lasts, my skin feels silky. BB smells like line dried clean clothes. FF is light & fresh. SV is just a bit deeper & a little sexy! I have family who just moved to hot Las Vegas & I’m going to send my niece-in-law some of this to keep her feeling cool & dry. Thank you for the Sunshine in my life! 💛

  21. Lois Matheson (verified owner)

    Love the smooth and effective talc-free body powders! The scents are lovely….I have purchased Gardenia and Vanilla and I love them both. I also purchased additional powder puffs which are handcrafted , work well for dusting your body and are so beautiful. I have also purchased the Skeeter Spray….it works, feels good on the skin and also smells heavenly! The staff is also totally customer service oriented and calls are returned promptly!Pricing is excellent and shipping is quick!
    Great job Jenkins Sunshine Farm Owner and Team!

  22. Susan Lange (verified owner)

    Love the body powder- I have Fairy Fresh. Love the scent and while I never thought I would like the powder, I find that I use it all the time!!

  23. jadeepstein1212 (verified owner)

    Tried a new scent this time, we got fairy fresh and omg I am obsessed with this smell!! Y’all never disappoint with this powder, we now use it for my husband and myself not just for our 1 year. It last so long and never looses the smell❤️❤️

  24. Sherry L

    This talc free powder truly does make your skin so soft! The scents that I’ve gotten so far are, Fairy Fresh, Sandalwood & Vanilla and Lavender Patchouli and I’m in love with all three. Looking forward to buying the other scents as well! I discovered these just in time for summer and it’s been a hot one so far (Midwest)

  25. Sherry L

    The talc free powder really does make your skin feel soft, I love it! I have the Fairy Fresh, Sandalwood & Vanilla and Lavender & Patchouli and love them all! Just in time for summer and it’s been a hot one so far! Looking forward to trying the other scents! The customer service is top notch and my items arrive quickly!

  26. Janet (verified owner)

    Love this talc free powder! The Deluxe Puff is also great! Subtle fragrance & silky consistency. It’s part of my daily routine. I have the Sandalwood Vanilla and look forward to trying the other scents.

  27. Lisa J Page (verified owner)

    The Sandalwood & Vanilla scented talc free powder is wonderful. Love the silky feel and the scent is romantic. The puff is very nice.

  28. Janet (verified owner)

    I love this talc free powder & use it daily. The Sandalwood Vanilla has a subtle fragrance & leaves my skin silky. I look forward to trying the other scents. I discovered that a tiny bit also works great as a dry shampoo.

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