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From Our Family To Yours

We are The Chrisenberrys. We live on our farm in the Sam Houston National Forest, in Montgomery, TX. We love God. We love family. We love our community, and we love slowly getting back to the basics and trying to gravitate toward the most natural way of living.

I still drink Coke and despite being a real farmer, my husband feels like a poser every time he wears those handsome boots he won at a fundraising auction. So basically, we haven’t gotten it all figured out yet…but we’re trying!

Our Family - Sown Harvest LLC
Our Family - Sown Harvest LLC
Why Sown Harvest

Why Sown Harvest?

The products. I tried Sunshine Farm products many years ago when we first bought our farm and they stood my rigorous test of: do I use it more than once. 

I’m a notorious sucker for the local farmer’s markets and spending way too much on things I’ll never eat or use. I just love small business, y’all! But Lisa’s CBD was the first my husband actually had results from (and he’s a hard critic) and her lotions were the first I ever experienced being so perfectly dreamy, functional and didn’t actually feel “organic-ey” if you know what I mean. So when the tiny sliver of my first ever Sunshine Farms bar soap finally disappeared and I finished off my first bottle of Moisture Mist, and after I had listened to my husband tell all our friends about the first CBD that actually worked, I knew we’d finally found something different.

I’ve been a foodie and lover of cooking since I was a child, as I come from a long line of crazy, Cajun, matriarchal women. Arts, crafting, crocheting, curating and making natural products, and a little lotion witchcraftery (except we love Jesus!) just fell right in to place in my life. When Lisa told me she was retiring, the opportunity to pick up where she was leaving off, along with the overwhelming customer support, was a chance I just couldn’t pass up. 

Head Soap Maker,

About Agape Farms

The Farm

Our 15-acre farm in the Sam Houston National Forest is the home to Coturnix quail, chickens, ducks, rabbits, geese, peacocks, lambs, pigs, goats, cattle, donkeys, alpacas, emus, and even a couple of gentle bearded dragons. All Sown Harvest or Agape Farms products are handmade, manufactured, designed and labeled on-site in our “lab” or “Momma’s Studio” which is surrounded by my slowly evolving herb garden and fruit orchard. Although most of our animals are basically pets, we actively raise and sell quail & ducks for meat and eggs, along with rabbits and lambs for meat.

We opened for farm tours during Covid to give families an opportunity to get out and enjoy the fresh air and we’ve enjoyed partnering and growing with our local community ever since. We offer ourselves as an event space, we host fundraisers, and have several AirBNBs and primitive camp spots available as well. It’s always an adventure!! Check out our website or Instagram to keep up with our latest farm shenanigans!

Agape Farms
Sown Harvest Products

The Products

The product line that started out with simple artisanal natural bar soaps has evolved and grown over the last 15+ years to a long list of solutions for every day, mental, home and health needs. We offer the following products and are expanding our knowledge and creating new natural solutions for you every week!

  • Artisan Bar Soap
  • Body Moisturizers & Lotion Bars
  • Body Oils
  • Body, Liquid & Hand Soap
  • CBD & Hemp Products
  • Face Care
  • Grave Robber’s Line
  • Hand & Foot Care
  • Herbal Teas
  • Aromatherapy, Herbs & Botanicals
  • Home Care & Fragrances
  • Skeeter Spray
  • Sugar & Salts
  • Talc Free Body Powder
  • Travel & Trial Sizes

Our Philosophy

Sown Harvest is carrying on the Sunshine Farm promise of bringing you and your family the best natural skincare, alternative healthy living solutions for your mind, body, home and soul. All products are made in our production facility, or “Momma’s Lab” as the kids like to call it, on our small 15-acre farm in the Sam Houston National Forest, deep in the heart of Texas.

Our products are the original formulas that have been designed, developed, tried and tested for over 17 years by Lisa Jenkins with the specific intent for effectiveness, affordability, sustainability and practicality. A true herbalist, her expertise is beyond compare and the extreme detail, research, development and care that was put into every single ingredient in every single recipe has created the most authentic and well-crafted natural care products on the market. The products speak for themselves, you’re going to love them!

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