Sown Harvest

Sown Harvest Philosophy

Sown. A Harvest by Agape Farms

Sown Harvest is carrying on the Sunshine Farm promise of bringing you and your family the best natural skincare, alternative healthy living solutions for your mind, body, home and soul. All products are made in our production facility, or “Momma’s Studio” as the kids like to call it, on our small 15-acre farm in the Sam Houston National Forest, deep in the heart of Texas.


Our products are the original formulas that have been designed, developed, tried and tested for over 17 years by Lisa Jenkins with the specific intent for effectiveness, affordability, sustainability and practicality. A true herbalist, her expertise is beyond compare and the extreme detail, research, development and care that was put into every single ingredient in every single recipe has created the most authentic and well-crafted natural care products on the market. The products speak for themselves, you’re going to love them!

Botanically Based Ingredients

Infused with Essential Oils and Natural Aroma Compounds

Always made in Small Batches

Made in the USA

What's with the Name?

Farm life has taught us that it takes hard work to reap the rewards of a good harvest. Sown Harvest represents our efforts to roll up our sleeves, invest in some sweat equity and sow good seeds; on our farm, in our family, around our garden, in the community, in my tiny little studio where we make all the products and hopefully take pride and joy in the beauty that will harvested in every part of the process. 

Our Goals

  • To expand our knowledge of clean, safe, responsibly sourced skin and home care ingredients and products.
  • To encourage and educate the community about the impacts of the products we have historically consumed or used.
  • To provide the highest quality, responsibly sourced, reasonably priced skin and home care products on the market.
  • To grow, learn and develop deep relationships with our customers, suppliers and community. 
  • To find opportunities to give back and partner with ministries at every opportunity.


Once your order is placed and processed, you will receive an email with your tracking number.  Be sure to add us to you address book so we don’t go to your junk folder.  The tracking number enables you to follow your order to its destination.

Sown Harvest LLC will not be responsible for replacing your package unless it is lost, or damaged.  Proof of damage must be in the form of pictures showing the box and items that are damaged.  Send these pictures to

All orders are shipped USPS and are GPS tracked by the postal service as proof of delivery.  If your order shows as being delivered, we’ve learned USPS requires You, the customer, to report the missing package to your local post office, file the claim, and complete the process.

If you have concerns about delivery, it is suggested that you ship to an alternate and secure address in order to protect your purchase.

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