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Plant Based Powders

Plant Based Powders

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At Sunshine Farm LLC, we do not use any artificial colors.  Everything we make is colored with natural ingredients and ground herbs are a common go to colorant.

All of our dried herbs are certified organic and purchased if not grown ourselves here on the farm.  We purchase the herbs as dried leaves and then run them through a grinder to make varing degrees of powder.  Some will be more roughly chopped and others will be reduced to a fine powder.

Sometimes we will steep the herb, into a tea, before incorporating it into a product.  This process not only creates a color, but also lends medicinal properties to the formula.  That’s a win, win!

Cosmetic Clays

Cosmetic Clays

Technically cosmetic clays are not a plant based powder; they are naturally occurring minerals from the earth and are comprised of volcanic ash or the result of the organic deterioration of plant matter. 

Clays are a wonderful way to exfoliate and detox the skin.  They also create an excellent “slip” in soaps for shaving.  Incorporating clays into our products give them color and texture that is completely natural and safe for the whole family.

For external use only.

Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot powder is a lightweight, white, powdery starch that is obtained from the tropical plant Maranta Arundinaceae. When applied to the skin it creates a soft and silky smooth finish that absorbs excess moisture and provides protection from chaffing. 

  • ​Enables active ingredients to penetrate the upper levels of your skin.

  • Safe for infants.

  • Replaces harmful talcum powder.

  • Makes skin silkier and smoother.

  • Controls uncomfortable moisture.

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