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Artisan Bar Soap

Artisan Bar Soap


Sown Harvest’s Artisan Bar Soaps are all-natural and safe. Made in a kitchen, with lots of love, just like your great-grandmother used to do it; with recipes that are heaven sent, with heavenly scents.

Each recipe, each scent, is handcrafted and specific to that individual soap’s purpose. Our soaps are rustic, not fussy. Purposeful, less playful. It’s one of my favorite products to make. It takes the most precision, the most patience and, as with most things in life, is most rewarding. We think you’re gonna love them and so will your family!

Sown soaps are a CLASSIC gift and Christmas present for many of our customers.

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Contains: cocos nucifera, olea europaea, water, sodium hydroxide, butyrospermum parkii, camelina sativa, oenothera biennis, plantago major, botanicals, ground luffa, natural aroma compounds.


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Artisan Bar Soaps

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27 reviews for Artisan Bar Soap

  1. Jessie Moore

    This soap removed the stinky smells that my dog loves to find and roll in. It removed the smells and does not irritate her skin PLUS it is also gentle on my hands.

  2. Jessie Moore

    I have used this very gentle and mild-scented soap for years. I just love it!

  3. Jessie Moore

    I have used this very gentle and mild-scented soap for years. I just love it!

  4. Wendy W

    I cannot say enough about this soap! It lathers up perfect and doesn’t leave that residue that some other homemade soaps leave. It is a must have in my household!

  5. Crystal Ledbetter

    My first purchase from Sunshine Farms many moons ago was 3 bars of soap at the Montgomery Market, I have since bought many bars of soap for myself and as my favorite thing to give to my family and friends.
    The Gardenia soap smells divine and leaves my skin soft and ready for the day!
    Once you try Sunshine Farm’s soaps you will never want to use the harsh chemical laden soaps available from the box stores.

  6. Lorraine R

    Probably one of my favorite soaps. It lathers beautifully and doesn’t dry out your skin. The Frankincense and Myrrh fragrance is my favorite. Sandalwood & vanilla and patchouli petals are also delightful, also.

  7. Ruthie Sellers

    I have been using their soap for over 10 years and this one, HANDS DOWN is my favorite!

  8. Ruthie Sellers

    I have been using their soap for over 10 years and this one, HANDS DOWN is my favorite!

  9. Shannon Matlock

    My household’s favorite soap! It’s refreshing and I love the clay in it, makes for a great lather. I dare not run out!

  10. Marc Kaznica

    This is my all-time favorite soap. It works so well with our baby girl’s skin. I use it on my face. It’s very difficult to find a soap that doesn’t irritate that sensitive area around my nose.

  11. Kathy

    I love to wash my dog with this. It makes him smell good, he doesn’t seem to mind the smell, and it seems very gentle on his skin.

  12. Dinah Murdoch

    I really love your homemade bar soap. I have tried the orange ginger and the Frankincense and Myrrh.

  13. Tincy V

    I have bought several soaps and I won’t use any other soap. It helps my skin and smells wonderful. I’m really glad I found these products.

  14. Beverly Zawacki

    What a great smell! I love this soap, and just bought 3 more.

  15. Melissa Wiley

    Smells amazing! Feels amazing! Great quality product for the low price! Love the way this makes my skin feel. Amazing bath experience!

  16. Melissa Wiley

    Breath easy and relax with this all natural soap! I love it!! Not too much Mint goodness, just enough! I’m such a huge fan. This left my skin moisturized and refreshed! Gentle enough to also use as a facial bar to remove my makeup and any dirt after a long work day. Will be purchasing more!

  17. Melissa Wiley

    I keep coming back to order more! 3 bars and counting! I can’t stop smelling this soap! Has a very relaxing and invigorating scent. It leaves my skin soft and moisturized. You will feel pampered and uplifted!

  18. Cyndi Clark

    Baby Bubbles is my very favorite soap scent. It makes my bathroom smell so good too!

  19. Susana Guillen

    Amazing customer service! Very professional & knowledgeable. The cucumber aloe soap bar is one of my favorite scents. Very gentle scent and feels amazing on the skin!

  20. Susana Guillen

    I purchase this bar for my two LOs. They love it. It’s very gentle and leaves their sensitive skin feeling very soft.

  21. Karen Allison

    Very light refreshing scent. Great lather. ❤️

  22. Samuel Davila

    Great lathering soap. Smell is absolutely great. Last longer than any other soaps I’ve tried like Harry’s and Suds. Highly recommend these products.

  23. Samuel Davila

    This soap is my favorite of the three I received. Leaves behind a great sent and the lathering is fantastic.

  24. Tracy Miller

    Lathers nicely with a fantastic smell…

  25. Cassie Stewart

    A friend gave me this for my dog so I gave it to his groomer to use on him. We all love it! He smells so good! ❤️

  26. Vicki Moyer

    Love the ingredients in this soap! Very fragrant! Will be purchasing more!

  27. Amber King

    This is really good for my yorkie who has severe allergies. He doesn’t scratch has much when I use this soap.

    • admin

      Thanks so much Amber for your kind and encouraging words.
      I’m so glad you like your purchases and look forward to a long friendship.

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