Dryer Sheet | Spray

Dryer Sheet | Spray


**Clean Choice 2019 Award Winner**

**ECO Excellence Awards 2019 Finalist**

A fresh new way to add a fragrance to your clean laundry in a totally green way. No chemicals. No additives. No waste.

Spritz your Reusable Dryer Sheet wool balls or dryer sheet ~10 sprays and toss it in the dryer with your wet laundry. Made to be used over and over; simply wash your dryer sheet accessory when you want to change the fragrance.

Grab your 16-ounce refillable Sown Harvest Dryer Sheet GLASS Spray Bottle here. Simply pour your favorite scent refill of the season in your refillable bottle and spritz away!


  • **Depending on supply, DRYER SHEET SPRAY 16 oz REFILL’s can come in a variety of different containers or vessels. Please note the volume will always be weighed to ensure atleast 16 ounces despite what size or shape, or how full or empty the container may appear.
  • With current supply shortages, we like to suggest saving an additional bottle and spray nozzle for times we’re unable to procure the exact bottles or nozzles our customers prefer.
  • Our 16 oz glass bottles fit only 28-400 neck size sprayers and caps (available in Dryer Sheet | Accessories).

Bottle Size Options:
2 oz Mini
16 oz Refill**

Earn up to 25 Points.


Contains: water, essential oil or natural aroma compound, and polysorbate 20.


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Dryer Spray Fragrance

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28 reviews for Dryer Sheet | Spray

  1. BrandiL

    This is my absolute favorite product from Sunshine Farms! Once I found it and started using it in my dryer I won’t go back to dryer sheets ever! I love so many of the fragrances. It makes my clothes smell so good for quite a long time. It’s nice that the spray doesn’t leave any build up in my dryer or on my clothes. I highly recommend this!

  2. Meredith Brooks

    I have sensitive skin & thought I could never use scented fabric spray.. until now! My clothes smell great & my skin isn’t breaking out! The. Best. Stuff!!! Highly recommend!

  3. Mary Rathman

    Love this product. Have purchased a few times. Smells fantastic and leaves the laundry so fresh!

  4. Gladys Sullins

    I absolutely love this dryer sheet spray. Have purchased several times. Fairy Fresh is my favorite but the lavender is good also. I have not tried the others yet. Your laundry comes out smelling so fresh and clean. I highly recommend this product !!!!

  5. Jamie Montes

    LOVE the Fairy Fresh Dryer Sheet Spray! It smells amazing , and I use it to spray on my scrubs to dewrinkle them in the dryer. Love that it is natural and doesn’t leave a film like a dryer sheet.

  6. Taylor

    We use the Fairy Fresh on EVERY SINGLE LOAD in our household, my fiancé loves the fresh scent too so don’t let the name fool ya!
    It leaves our clothes and sheets smelling and feeling extraordinary!
    Dryer sheets I’ve used in the past have left me with irritated skin and I never thought we would be able to find something that we could use instead.
    This product has saved my clothes and my skin! I love and I’m about due for more!

  7. Taylor

    We purchased the Fairy Fresh scent and we use it on every single load! My fiancé loves the smell so don’t let the name fool you!
    We used to use name brand products and it would irritate my skin, the dryer sheet spray has changed our laundry routine forever!
    If you want soft, long lasting clothes? Look no further!!

  8. Brooke

    I have been using this for years. I love the scents!

  9. Robyn Hirvela

    I purchased the Fairy Fresh Dryer Sheet spray after reading how horrible the store bought ones are for the environment and our health. I was immediately impressed with how fresh my clothes smelled and how good it was at combatting static cling! I have sprayed it on the cloth it came with and on my wool dryer balls. I just love this product and need to get some more!❤️

  10. Barb

    Best I’ve found to replace chemical dryer sheets. Really nice fragrance

  11. Neva Hutton

    Will never use dryer sheets again! All scents are wonderful but Sandalwood & Vanilla is my favorite. Love!

  12. Jan Rikard

    Love, love love this dryer sheet spray! I am currently using the clean cotton smell. Almost out so will pick up more very soon! Its the best option for my laundry and I will never use standard dryer sheets again!

  13. Angela Yeh

    Love the sandalwood and vanilla scent – citrus is good too! I’ve been buying this for two years now and I don’t use anything else on my clothes – I haven’t used a single bounce sheet since my daughter was born.

  14. Linda

    Love the fresh smell of the Rosemary and Spearmint! Works great too!

  15. Christina P.

    I started using this a month ago or so and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It makes my laundry smell so fresh and great and I love that it is eco-friendly. I’ll never go back to dryer sheets again!

  16. Joni Angell

    Love this dryer sheet spray! All smell wonderful but my favorite is Fairy Fresh. Great product!

  17. Candy

    I love the laundry softener spray. I love the way my clothes feel and no harsh chemicals are used.

  18. Betty Noack (verified owner)

    I am brand new to this company. I am always looking for natural products and thought I would give this product a try along with the lotions and oils.

    The laundry spray is out of this world! Smells terrific and not a bit of static. I’m in love. The lotions and oils are awesome as well. Honestly last all day long. I love the fairy fresh and the sandalwood. Looking forward to trying more! Highly recommend this company!

  19. Marisa C. (verified owner)

    OBSESSED! I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the fairy fresh scent is. The scent is not overpowering but still lingers on my clothing and bedding! I am definitely going to keep purchasing this product.

  20. Rosie Milán (verified owner)

    I like this product very much. I ordered the lavender flowers scent hoping for the best and it is a really nice scent. I have tried several green products to use in place of Downey but the scent doesn’t last. This one lasts! I just ordered smaller sizes to try other scents. I got the product pretty fast and customer service was terrific.

    I also ordered the cucumber-aloe vera lotion. It has a very good consistency and my skin feels very hydrated from it. The smell for me is borderline too strong so I’ll have to experiment with other scents.

  21. Stacey Hall (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased this in hopes of keeping static out of my clothes. I do not care for liquid fabric softeners much, because most end up getting gooey in my dispenser in the washer. I don’t like fabric softener sheets because I know they aren’t good for the dryer and I don’t like the chemicals. I saw this in an ad and saw the reviews and I thought I’d try it. I started out with the Sandalwood & Vanilla. It’s a really nice scent! I then tried the Rosemary & Spearmint. Very nice! I love the mint in the beginning, and then it smells more like rosemary when I take out the laundry from the dryer. I’ve now ordered some smaller bottles to try other scents. The best part is this is all-natural and the scent is light but lingers nicely. No static is left on my clothes. Even the hubs likes it!

  22. Bridgette Bennett (verified owner)

    Smells heavenly

  23. Kristy Schrag (verified owner)

    I use unscented laundry detergent but miss a scent. I bought the dryer spray because it was a “clean” product. It is absolutely amazing. I bought the Sandalwood/Vanilla scent. My order came with a hand written thank you note which earned brownie point loyalty from me. I had a question about the spray nozzle which was answered immediately. I am so happy to support a family owned business.

  24. dmvcraftylady (verified owner)

    Fairy fresh smells amazing. My laundry finally comes out smelling nice. It does take several sprays to get the smell to stay on the clothes, but it works and I’m so glad to finally find something that is not full of toxic chemicals.

  25. Sarah Hughes (verified owner)

    This is my first time trying this and I’m already obsessed! I chose the Sandalwood and Vanilla and it smells heavenly. From the moment I took the cap off to attach the spray nozzle, I was hooked. Not only does it smell fantastic right out of the bottle, the scent lingers on my clothes for a LONG time after being taken out of the dryer and I love that. It isn’t too strong, however, and it doesn’t bother my sensitive skin either. This actually has me looking forward to doing laundry so that I can use this in the dryer. 😊 Highly recommend!

  26. Cyndi Clark (verified owner)

    I just love stuff and am so excited to be giving my favorite Sandlewood and Vanilla dryer sheet spray as Christmas gifts this year!

  27. Sherry L (verified owner)

    I will never go back to using liquid or dryer sheets again with all the added chemicals.
    I purchased the Sandalwood & Vanilla and love the way everything comes out of the dryer smelling wonderful!

  28. Brooke Smith (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this spray. I use the 10 sprays as directed and my clothes come out smelling fantastic.

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