Dryer Sheet | Accessories

Dryer Sheet | Accessories


A fresh new way to add a fragrance to your clean laundry in a totally green way. No chemicals. No additives. No waste.

Spritz your Reusable Dryer Sheet wool balls or dryer sheet ~10 sprays and toss it in the dryer with your wet laundry. Made to be used over and over; simply wash your dryer sheet accessory when you want to change the fragrance.


  • With current supply shortages, we like to suggest saving an additional bottle and spray nozzle for times we’re unable to procure the exact bottles or nozzles our customers prefer.
  • Depending on supply, DRYER SHEET SPRAY 16 oz REFILL’s can come in a variety of different containers or vessels. Please note the volume will always be weighed to ensure atleast 16 ounces despite what size or shape, or how full or empty the container may appear.
  • Our 16 oz glass bottles fit only 28-400 neck size sprayers and caps (available below).

Choice of Bottle Sprayer
2 oz Glass Mini Bottle w/sprayer
16 oz Glass Bottle w/sprayer

Choise of Accessory:
Sprayer + Wool Balls (2)
Sprayer + Dryer Sheet
Wool Balls (2) Only
Dryer Sheet Only
Cap Only
Sprayer Only

Earn up to 15 Points.




Additional information

Accessory Options

16 oz Glass Bottle w/Sprayer, Spray Nozzle + Wool Balls (2), Spray Nozzle + Dryer Sheet, Wool Balls (2) Only, Dryer Sheet Only, Cap Only, Spray Nozzle Only, 2 oz Glass Mini w/Sprayer


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