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Reusable Cotton Balls

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Reusable Cotton Balls


Stop spending money on cotton balls you just throw away.

These cute little reusable cotton balls are handmade from 100% cotton yarn and are machine washable in their little laundry pouch.

Great for using with toners, cleansing oil, and face scrub.

Once used, place the cotton ball in the laundry pouch.  Toss the filled laundry bag into the wash with your regular laundry load.  No special treatment needed.  Tumble dry with your load.  Upon drying, they are ready to use again.


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Made with 100% cotton yarn and includes a small mesh machine washable pouch.  Each cotton ball is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and can be easily held when applying toner, cleanser, or even face scrub.  The yarn is a thick, dense weave to create a firm structure when used.  The more you wash them, the better they get.  Due to the thick weave, of these beauties, they will not absorb excessive amounts of product to create less waste of your precious skincare items.

Place the reusable cotton ball over the mouth of the bottle and tip to apply.  Repeat the action to treat your entire face as desired.

Set of 7 reusable cotton balls has 5 soft and 2 scrubby cotton balls.

Set of 14 reusable cotton balls has 10 soft and 4 scrubby cotton balls.

Replacement reusable cotton ball set contains a set of 7 balls with NO laundry pouch.

Wash these cotton balls each time after use to avoid introducing bacteria to your face or your products.


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1 review for Reusable Cotton Balls

  1. Amber King (verified owner)

    I love these little guys! So much better than throwing them away and having to buy more, plus they clean so much better! I highly recommend these. I would love some bigger ones to use with the facial cleansing oil.

    • admin

      Hey Amber, Thanks so much for the great review. I love them too. It seems like the more you wash them, the better they get. Thanks for your positive feedback. You’re the best!

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