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Summer Time Skincare Tips

Summer is here and your skin knows it...

Summer weather can be rough on the skin.  The elements of heat, humidity, sweat, and grime can really take it’s toll on your face.  This is all especially true for those of you with oily and acne prone skin.

So what’s a human to do???

We have put together some skincare tips that can give your acne prone skin some much needed relief and we invite you to consider the following…

Ahhhh the joys of young skin.  You may not know it yet but you are very lucky to have nice oil in your skin.  It doesn’t seem like it now, but someday you may wish for that oil.

Unfortunately, nice oily skin is also a major attraction for dirt and grim.  When you add in some sweat, you have the perfect storm.  Particles stick more readily, sweat seems to aggravate, and the day is long.  So here are a few suggestions to may assist…

Regular washing with a gentle cleanser- washing your face twice a day is a great start but remember, when using a harsh cleanser, you may do more damage than good.  A good rule to follow is “don’t over do it”.  Often, overuse of products will actually dry and irritate causing the skin to then over produce oil and just cause more problems.  You might even consider an oil based cleanser as it will gently remove excess oil and dirt without stripping the skin of it’s natural oils.  

Wash with warm water, not hot- A morning splash of warm water will help to dissolve excess oil build up from overnight.  You might not even need a cleanser, but just a rinse off.  Warm water is better than hot water, as the hot water will potentially cause over drying and irritation.  A gentle warm water rinse will grab the excess oil and take it off naturally.

Always finish your wash with cold water- once you have cleansed, a rinse with cool water will help to close the pores and reduce clogging.  It will also cool the surface of the skin and give a nice refreshing affect.

Apply an alcohol free toner- Everybody needs a good toner but especially when you skin is oily. Facial toners will help to tone and tighten the skin; leaving it dewy fresh.  It will also take off excess oil and dirt that was stubborn during your cleanse. Make sure your toner is alcohol free so it doesn’t do more damage than good. Toners are also great to carry in your bag.  Put it in a small mister bottle and when you begin to feel that midday oil slick, spritz it on your face and blot with a paper towel.  This is also great for after sun, workout, and pool time.

Treat bumps with a dab of pure tea tree oil- pure tea tree oil is like magic with bumps, cuts, and scrapes.  It has analgesic properties that assist with pain (like that big bump that hurts) and also antibacterial properties to assist with infection.  A pimple is literally an infected pore.  Dip a clean cotton swab, in your tea tree oil, and dab it on the bumps.  You will notice an improvement usually by morning. 

Use a light moisturizer- this is the opposite of what many believe but it is also true.  If you don’t moisturize a little, you skin will think it needs to make more oil and that’s not really what you need.  A gel moisturizer will be lighter than a cream and give just enough to keep you balanced.

Don’t try to many new products at once- this is so important because you may create more problems and then not know which product caused it.  Also remember that overuse of cleansers and treatments can exacerbate the issue causing further breakout and irritation.  

Go easy on the makeup- especially foundation as it will clog pores, cause infection, and apply more oil.  Remember, you are all beautiful in your own way.  So don’t cover it up.  You will be surprised at how liberating it can be and also you may find that your skin will thank you. 

If you pick it, it will never heal- this is easier said than done but a very important tip.  The skin on your face is very delicate and will scar easily. Regardless of your skin tone, a scar will show sometimes for weeks before it begins to fade.  Keep your hands off your face and don’t pick.  This will reduce chances of introducing more bacteria from your dirty hands, causing inflammation and redness around the area, as well as causing permanent damage to the pores. 

Here are some suggestions for your face...

A few last thoughts...

It’s always a good idea to spot test a new product before diving in head first.  Try your first application on your neck or another place that is not as noticeable.  Give it a little trial before you apply it to your face.

We are always happy to visit with you about your individual thoughts and concerns so give us a shout if you need.

Take care of your face, it’s the only one you got!


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