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Skin Lovin’ Lotion

Our body lotion is formulated with plant oils that are sourced from fair trade companies.

These quality oils are chosen to nourish, pamper and promote healthy skin. Our plant oils list is extensive and full of benefits that will assist with dry skin needs. Each of these oils is researched and selected for its specific nourishing properties.

Using plant oils for dry skin care has been well documented.

It is the only natural way to slow the signs of aging while moisturizing dry skin and adding a healthy glow. Our body lotion formula showcases nourishing plant oils that are easily absorbed with no greasy residue. These carefully selected oils are all cold-pressed, to extract the essence of what nature has to offer.

Sown Harvest’s lotions are scented with 100% pure, essential oils and natural aroma compounds to offer valuable benefits.

Our propriety blends are selected to suggest an aromatherapy experience and create balance and harmony. The essential oils are prudently chosen and blended to offer a subtle presence; allowing your customers a personal preference that will not be overwhelming.

Why should you try our moisturizing products?

  • You will see a pleasing change in the appearance and texture of their skin.
  • You will have a selection of healthy fragrances to choose from.
  • You will be pleased with a natural option that is affordable.
  • You will feel safe and confident when applying our lotions to yourself and your family members.

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